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Midwest Sports Perfromance Institute

About Us

Midwest Sports Performance is a sports specific facility where we direct our focus on injury prevention and enhancing an athlete’s performance through a seamless methodology. We also provide an integrated team of physical therapist, massage therapist, and performance coaches who work together as a team, determined to help you achieve your full-potential and goals. A forward thinking and dynamic corporation that provides not only health and wellness but also education.

We strive to get each and every athlete to perform at the highest level and to achieve their goals through our specialized training programs. We offer individual 1-on-1 training, team training, and general gym memberships to reach any goal.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Midwest Sports Performance is to provide an elite facility that consists of specialists and a flawless methodology combined to both systematically and ethically increase our clients and athletes performance.

At Midwest Sports Performance Our Goal is:
+To make you run faster
+To make you stronger
+To make you hit harder
+To make you eat better
+To make you recover quicker
+To get you back to the game faster
+To make you dream bigger


At Midwest Sports Performance we believe in a one-stop-shop for all of your needs when it comes to anything and everything fitness. Whether you are recovering from an injury or setting a goal to live a healthier lifestyle, our methodology believes that you’ll only need to go one place for it all…and that place is here.

Our trainers specialize in 1-on-1, team and tactical training and all aged athletes from the youth level to the professional level. We have on-staff nutritionists and dietitians to help you reach your nutritional fitness goals. If you are recovering from an injury, we have partnered with Husker Rehab & Wellness and will have on-staff physical & massage therapists to get you back to playing the game that you love. We have state-of-the-art equipment and enough space for any of your needs.

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