At Midwest Sports Performance Institute, we have training programs that fit any / all of your athletic performance needs

Whether you are a first time trainee that wants to improve basic fundamental skills or an experienced athlete preparing for your first collegiate pre-season, we have the best training programs specific to your needs. Our training programs are designed with your specific needs in mind. If you are looking to improve speed and agility or your team is looking to improve speed-endurance, we put together a specialized plan to meet your goals.

Midwest Sports Individual or Team Training Can Improve:

  • Core and Explosive Power
  • Core and Functional Strength
  • Speed and Agility
  • Speed-Endurance
  • Core Balance and Proprioception
  • Lean Mass or Maintain Lean Mass
  • Decrease percent Body Fat
  • Flexibility
  • Gym Memberships


Are you looking for a gym membership for yourself or for your family?

From cardio machines to free weights to our chalk stations, we have all the necessary tools to fit your needs down to the smallest detail. We don’t just believe in training, we believe in a lifestyle.


 At Midwest Sports Performance Institute we are equipped with the latest and greatest machines that are available to you

1-on-1 or Partner Training

If you want more 1-on-1 attention when it comes to your training needs, Midwest Sports Performance has a program to fit your needs
Whether you are a soccer player looking to improve your speed or a volleyball player looking to improve your vertical, we have specialized training options for you that are specific to your needs.

Performance Training:

  • 60 Minute Session
  • 1-2 Sessions
  • 3-5 Sessions
  • 6-10 Sessions
  • 11-15 Sessions 

Family Training

Performance Training: 60 Minute Session
  • 8 Sessions
  • 10 Sessions
  • 15 Sessions

Team Training

We specialize in making athletes better at their sport through personalized, sport specific training
Our qualified trainings will put together a specific plan to train your entire team to become faster, stronger and well-conditioned. We also strive to work on flexibility and proper movement. Our program is geared to have you game day ready for on-field performance and teach the athlete the importance of rest and recovery as well as nutrition. At Midwest Sports, we offer three different options for team training to fit your needs.

Primary Focus:

  • Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement
  • Testing will be the last session of the month.
  • Testing will include the following: 10 yard dash, pro-agility, broad jump and in-body analysis.
  • Both 1 male and female, at the end of each month, will be selected as the “Athletes of the Month” based off their testing scores.

Corporate Health & Wellness

We want to team up with corporations to promote health and wellness throughout the workplace
Our group of trainers are passionate about giving you and your employees the top-of-the-line experience when it comes to health & wellness. We are so passionate, we are willing to put together a training program for you and your employees. To learn more about this special offer, contact us for additional information.